The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man… Thomas Robert MALTHUS

The case for thinking LINEAR SHORT …

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Time 10:51:19 AM GMT

The case for thinking LINEAR SHORT …

November I played up as a strange way … It started out as mild, pleasant fragrance mixed with decayed leaves and leaves but living … Coloured non-synthetic, natural color, I have great days, in increments of ten steps count harsh, fixed … still hoped to be a continuation of my senses that – summer. But it was not to be so … November this year is a little tired, a little sad and more devoid of bright thoughts …

I lowered the price of good few minutes … Starting block front yard, already burniteze more I held my head down cdecit other years … alleys around the block had wet … it had come in color and senses … People rush passed on sometimes shivering, but anyway darkened … People hurry and Romania are essentially uniformly sad. I am sad that forever. Nor have reason to be otherwise … A mixture of sadness wet, cold and gray, accompanying them as indestructible shade that you want to break up, forgetting the evils that you grind the inside … choke and you plug your nose and mouth , to nerespiratie … Cold. Everything is cold and the trees stand with your arms stretched toward the sky as a merciful and sincere prayer … I sat on a bench, even if it was wet … Who of me was still able to feel moisture … I watched, trying to think and especially to understand what happens to our world … piles of broken thoughts came in my broken front of mind … I could not articulate even one poor syllable of linear thinking … on cold raindrop sfichiuiala of November, clapped a oblique picture noimbrie sad, very sad …

Earth and grass left of the summer came to me in soothing whispers … „Come all! …Pass all !!… Move your thoughts, turn them !!… Between heaven and earth, my little world trying to penetrate impenetrable sense of bottomless pravalirii and hindrance … between heaven and earth … try to see the horizon lights of hope, which exists only in my mind ill after equilibrium and moral laws … the whole world Mix virtue, as a defect carousel as a huge garbage tulumba full of hypocrisy and lies just his head … It was raining and me without me is a little better … And the rain and cold Cheer me tell me when it will snow, it will warm up a bit … The clouds are closer to the earth, are closer to me … I feel as if I wanted, with minimum effort I could step on them, with them … I feel like I could float with them , above and above all … I just feel … I just feel …

Cold I light a cigarette. Suction deeply into the lungs with smoke nesatiu and dizzy moments and half price second … dizzy, closing my eyes and heart, and hope and pain and joy and linear thinking … I mixed with rain. And mix it with me … smoke … keeps us warm clouds of oblivion … Raul is lost somewhere in an unknown result …

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