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19th Panzer Division (Germany)

The German 19th Panzer Division was created from the 19th Infantry Division and was formed on 1 November 1940. In July 1941 it moved to the central sector of the Eastern front until December 1942 when it was transferred south. It was pushed back though Ukraine and Poland and surrendered in Czechoslovakia in May 1945.
Jagdpanther – Sd.Kfz.173 – built by Andreas TUPY…

Division commanders…

  1. 1 November 1940 — General der Panzertruppen Otto von Knobelsdorff
  2. 5 January 1942 — Generalleutnant Gustav Schmidt (killed in battle 7 August 1943)
  3. 7 August 1943 — Generalleutnant Hans Källner
  4. 28 March 1944 — Generalleutnant Walter Denkert
  5. May 1944 — Generalleutnant Hans Källner (killed in battle 18 April 1945 )
  6. 22 March 1945 — Generalmajor Hans-Joachim Deckert



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